Automated Installation of VMware View Components

A VMware Horizon View block or pod could contains View Standard Server, Replica Servers, Security Servers and Transfer Servers. Also part of the View are View Agent installed on every desktop source and View Client installed on every end point device which is used to access your virtual desktop. All of … Continue reading

Creating Linked-Clone Automated pools using VMware Horizon View

After Installing VMware Horizon View series followed by the Basic Configuration guide we can go ahead and create our first Linked-Clone pool. For a source (golden image) of our first pool we must have an optimized virtual machine managed by the same vCenter server registered in View Connection servers. We also must … Continue reading

VMware Horizon View 5.x Basic Configurations

In our previous articles from the Horizon View section of our blog, we have already covered the steps required for a successful installation of all VMware Horizon View servers and agents. In this article we are going to go through most of the configuration options which View offers and also we … Continue reading

Part 6 | Installing VMware View Agent – Step-by-Step guide

View Agent must be installed on all virtual machines, physical systems, and Terminal Service servers that you use as sources for View desktops and desktop pools. On virtual machines, this agent communicates with View Client to provide features such as connection monitoring, virtual printing, View Persona Management, and access to locally … Continue reading

Part 5 | Installing VMware Horizon Transfer Server – Step-by-Step guide

View Transfer Server downloads system-image files, synchronizes data between local desktops and the corresponding remote desktops in the datacenter, and transfers data when users check in and check out local desktops. VMware Horizon View series: Part 1 – Install VMware View 5.x Connection Server Part 2 – Install  VMware View5.x Replica … Continue reading

Part 3 | Installing VMware Horizon View 5.x Security Server – Step-by-Step guide

A security server is an instance of View Connection Server that adds an additional layer of security between the Internet and your internal network VMware Horizon View series: Part 1 – Install VMware View 5.x Connection Server Part 2 – Install  VMware View5.x Replica Server Part 3 – Install VMware View … Continue reading