Why is VDI Performance Monitoring Essential in a Virtual Environment?

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a term used to describe a specific field of virtualization, which deals with creating and maintaining virtual desktops within an organization’s IT environment. The process involves the migration of desktop operating systems from physical computing resources to Virtual Machines, or VMs, hosted on centralized servers. … Continue reading

VDI Optimization – OS Services | Part2

At the Part 1 of the VDI Optimization – OS Services article, I went through several windows services which could be stopped/disabled in order to achieve better performance of your virtual desktop infrastructure and higher end user acceptance. At the current article I will add the rest of my list. Before that I would … Continue reading

VDI Optimization – OS Services | Part1

After VM Hardware optimizations, covered in a previous post, now we will go through the Windows Services. Disabling the unnecessary windows services could dramatically increase your overall VDI performance by decreasing the resources which each of the desktops consume.  I am going to go through the eventual services which could … Continue reading

VDI Optimization – VM Hardware

For a well functioning VDI environment all components should be well tuned and optimized. For VMware Horizon View environment there are several components where optimization practices could be applied – View Connection Brokers (Connection Servers, Security Servers), vSphere infrastructure, Virtual Desktop templates or golden images, end user devices. In this article … Continue reading