Pool Side SSL with vCloud Air Load Banacer

Recently I had an interesting situation where a specific error message occurs where standard approach for Load Balancer was used This document is to explain how to complete HTTPS over vCloud Air Load Balancer throughout to Web servers using Pool Side SSL. Usually we use Load Balancer with the following configuration: … Continue reading

Part 2 | vCloud Connector 2.7 – Content Library replication

Hello again to all interested in vCloud technologies. In the second part of this presentation I will walk through some of the functions available with vCloud Connector and use cases as well as some basic troubleshooting steps. In Part 1 we covered the initial installation and configuration, and we can … Continue reading

Part 1 | vCloud Connector 2.7 – installation and configuration

Hello to all fans of virtualization technologies, I have prepared short overview of vCloud Connector solution and how it works with vCloud Air. Same can be used to move or copy workload between OnPrem vCenter and vCloud Director, or between two vCenters or two vCloud directors. Connection that is established … Continue reading