Just Another ESXi 6.0 Storage APD Handling Bug


It’s been a while since we experienced partial outage on our storage infrastructure running under IBM SVC storage. Few LUNs (vdisks in IBM SVC world) presented from storage went offline. I’m not going into details why it happened as HW problems just happens sometimes. Important thing is how are you … Continue reading

Fixed: Cross vCenter vMotion with shared storage bug

I’m in the middle of the project where I need to split up my environment into two vCenters so I decided to update part of it to vSphere 6.0 to ease up my work and operations tasks later on. I do have a stretched infrastructure across the datacenters including storage … Continue reading

Building vSphere 6 with VSAN on IBM Softlayer: Part 2 – Ordering vCenter server on Softlayer

This is the second part of Building vSphere 6 with VSAN on IBM Softlayer series. In the first part we’ve discussed how to order bare metal server with ESXi 6 installed. In this part I will show how to order vCenter Server 6 on a Windows Cloud Instance (aka CI – … Continue reading

HotLink – manage all hypervisors from vCenter

Few weeks ago I did attend web meeting about “Extending VMware vCenter to Hybrid Cloud” with Oded Haner. It get my curiosity as it was promising something i did not believe is possible. Even after seeing the presentation I had doubts. I decided I have to see and touch it, … Continue reading

Part 2 | vCloud Connector 2.7 – Content Library replication

Hello again to all interested in vCloud technologies. In the second part of this presentation I will walk through some of the functions available with vCloud Connector and use cases as well as some basic troubleshooting steps. In Part 1 we covered the initial installation and configuration, and we can … Continue reading

Part 1 | vCloud Connector 2.7 – installation and configuration

Hello to all fans of virtualization technologies, I have prepared short overview of vCloud Connector solution and how it works with vCloud Air. Same can be used to move or copy workload between OnPrem vCenter and vCloud Director, or between two vCenters or two vCloud directors. Connection that is established … Continue reading

Sending vCenter Logs to Centralized Syslog Server using NXlog

Intro In my previous article called “Centralized syslog server for vSphere environment with CentOS 7 and rsyslog” I showed one of the ways how you can configure centralized Syslog server for vSphere environment. But in that article I covered only ESXi part. In this article I will describe how to send … Continue reading

New vCenter Server Architecture and Deployment

VMware used VMworld to disclose under development features of the new vSphere 6.0 (still in beta). This overview contains functionality which may not actually make it into the public released version. Intro October 16, 9:00 am, last day at VMworld 2014 in Barcelona. Breakout session vCenter Server Architecture and Deployment Deep … Continue reading

Manually remove ESXi host from vCenter database

Some time ago, after I tried to remove ESXi host from vCenter it was still appearing in vSphere client with alert and I couldn’t remove it again. Someone would say it is just cosmetic issue, but for example storage service was failing from initializing because of it too. VMware support … Continue reading