VDI Optimization – OS Services | Part2

At the Part 1 of the VDI Optimization – OS Services article, I went through several windows services which could be stopped/disabled in order to achieve better performance of your virtual desktop infrastructure and higher end user acceptance. At the current article I will add the rest of my list. Before that I would … Continue reading

VDI Optimization – OS Services | Part1

After VM Hardware optimizations, covered in a previous post, now we will go through the Windows Services. Disabling the unnecessary windows services could dramatically increase your overall VDI performance by decreasing the resources which each of the desktops consume.  I am going to go through the eventual services which could … Continue reading

Create and Configure Horizon View 6.1 Cloud Pod

The following two articles of mine will include some guidance and useful information about the new feature called ‘Cloud Pod’ which was introduced in Horizon View 6.0. Create and Configure Horizon View 6.1 Cloud Pod Create and Configure Global Entitlements In my previous article about What’s New In Horizon View … Continue reading

Horizon View Adapter for vROps 6 – Installation and Configuration

vRealize Operations for Horizon collects performance data from monitored software and hardware objects in your View environment and provides predictive analysis and real-time information about problems in your View infrastructure. Following our previous vROps installation guide we have installed an vROps instance on Windows Server. The current guide should be applicable … Continue reading

Automated Installation of VMware View Components

A VMware Horizon View block or pod could contains View Standard Server, Replica Servers, Security Servers and Transfer Servers. Also part of the View are View Agent installed on every desktop source and View Client installed on every end point device which is used to access your virtual desktop. All of … Continue reading

Creating Linked-Clone Automated pools using VMware Horizon View

After Installing VMware Horizon View series followed by the Basic Configuration guide we can go ahead and create our first Linked-Clone pool. For a source (golden image) of our first pool we must have an optimized virtual machine managed by the same vCenter server registered in View Connection servers. We also must … Continue reading

VMware Horizon View 5.x Basic Configurations

In our previous articles from the Horizon View section of our blog, we have already covered the steps required for a successful installation of all VMware Horizon View servers and agents. In this article we are going to go through most of the configuration options which View offers and also we … Continue reading