Building vSphere 6 with VSAN on IBM Softlayer: Part 1 – Ordering ESXi hosts on Softlayer.

I am recently spending a lot of time with IBM Softlayer, in particular I am building vSphere running inside Softlayer. In this series of articles I want to show how you can build an environment with vSphere 6 and VSAN inside Softlayer. One important note: although I work in IBM, my view is form … Continue reading

IBM FlashSystem V9000 and VMware vSphere ESXi Guidelines

I’m really glad I had opportunity to participate on a RedBook residency regarding IBM FlashSystem V9000 and VMware “Best Practices” (it was actually one of my last thing which I did as IBMer) and till the RedPaper is released for public I decided to write a sneak peek with some … Continue reading

ALERT: VENOM Vulnerability CVE-2015-3456, Clouds Exposed!


Crowdstrike disclosed a serious VM Escape vulnerability – codename VENOM, CVE-2015-3456 which has been around here since 2004. This one is especially serious because it is affecting the VMs in their default configuration and could be also affecting thousands of the VMs in cloud. This vulnerability may allow an attacker … Continue reading

IBM/Lenovo (Pure) Flex system and vSphere part1: Useless stuff

flex chassis

In the last two years I was participating on the many designs, implementations and reviews of the vSphere on IBM/Lenovo Flex System or PureFlex, if you want to call like that. Therefore today I would like to share with you my preferred way of doing it right from vSphere perspective … Continue reading

Updated: Storage disconnects when using VAAI ATS on vSphere 5.5 Update2 and vSphere 6.0


IBM has released a flash alert regarding a new behavior introduced in vSphere 5.5 Update2 and vSphere 6.0 where VAAI ATS (Atomic Test and Set or in the other words Hardware accelerated locking) is used for heartbeat I/O. According to IBM: Due to the low timeout value for heartbeat … Continue reading

VM Resource and Availability Service Fling

VMware recently introduced  a new VM Resource and Availability Service fling, which helps you to identify the available resources in case of one or more ESXi hosts fail. The output will show how many VMs will be safely restarted, how many of them will be experiencing performance issue and how … Continue reading

x3850 X5 vs x3850 X6 comparison

Some of you might consider purchasing the Lenovo (formally IBM) System x servers. For the enterprise environments Lenovo offers x3850 X5 and x3850 X6 series. Since x3850 X5 will be discontinued from the market during this year, it makes sense to start considering x3850 X6. Such  type of server will … Continue reading

vMotion fails at 9 % on ESXi 5.0U3 running on IBM x3850 M2


I would like to share an experience with vMotion problem, which I’ve met a while ago during upgrade of few hosts from ESXi 4.1 to ESXi5.0. Environment: IBM x3850 M2 /x3950 M2 -[72334RG]- with Integrated Dual-port Broadcom 5709C PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller,  2 dual-port ISP2432-based 4Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express … Continue reading

Corrupted Backups using CBT


New issue was discovered which may result in corrupted backups leveraging vSphere CBT (Change Block Tracking) for incremental backups. Basically all backup products which use VMware API for Backups ( Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK) )are affected. This issue occurs when you expand a virtual disk vmdk file which has … Continue reading