Just Another ESXi 6.0 Storage APD Handling Bug


It’s been a while since we experienced partial outage on our storage infrastructure running under IBM SVC storage. Few LUNs (vdisks in IBM SVC world) presented from storage went offline. I’m not going into details why it happened as HW problems just happens sometimes. Important thing is how are you … Continue reading

Broadwell ESXi 6.0 Exception 14 PSOD and Lenovo support fail


You may already have heard about known issue with Intel Broadwell Family CPUs (Intel Xeon CPU E5-26xx v4 CPUs)  where you can hit Exception 14 PSOD if you are running older microcode. If not, you can read about it in kb2146388 From there you can clearly see you need to … Continue reading

Warning: Extending virtual disks in ESXi 6.0 can pause your VM!


As  I’m planning to deploy ESXi 6.0 in our environment, I’m doing research for the all issues or behavioral changes coming with vSphere 6.0. I have discovered one serious change in behavior which came with ESXi 6.0 and I don’t think it was announced anywhere and it can cause outage in your … Continue reading