IBM FlashSystem V9000 and VMware vSphere ESXi Guidelines

I’m really glad I had opportunity to participate on a RedBook residency regarding IBM FlashSystem V9000 and VMware “Best Practices” (it was actually one of my last thing which I did as IBMer) and till the RedPaper is released for public I decided to write a sneak peek with some … Continue reading

Customized “embedded” version of ESXi need patching

IBM, HP, DELL are releasing its own customized “embedded” versions of ESXi which contain vendor specific drivers, opened firewall ports for their management solutions, etc. Patches are different for each ESXi version 5.0, 5.1, 5.5. I will show you how to download and implement those patches for IBM x3850 X5, … Continue reading

Design considerations for Virtual Machine Time Synchronization

  Here are some guidelines and considerations related to time synchronization for your Virtual Machines design. It seems to be a simple topic and covered well online, however I think it deserves a better attention as I’ve seen  huge complications in some environments caused by misunderstanding and miss-configuration. Design Decision: … Continue reading