Set up an alert for port blocked by vSwitch security policy

Today I’m gonna show you, how to be alerted when VM port is being blocked by security policy defined on portgroup or vSwitch level. If you are not aware so far, these settings prevents VM users (or attackers) to change MAC address from the operating system. There are three security … Continue reading

UPDATE: New ESXi 5.5 patches called off !!!


Apparently VMware called off latest patches for ESXi 5.5 released on 30.4.2015, However all of them can be still residing in your Update Manager! There is no official statement from VMware out there yet, but I suggest you do not apply following patches: ESX550-201504101-SG ESX550-201504101-BG ESX550-201504102-BG ESX550-201504104-BG I have found … Continue reading