IBM/Lenovo Networking and security issue using Easy Connect mode!


A couple of months ago, after a migration from our legacy vSphere environment into our brand new vSphere based on IBM/Lenovo Flex Systems environment. Some of the our VMs stopped or were randomly responding on the network. My networking team discovered those VMs have duplicate MAC addressees with another VMs. … Continue reading

Fixed: Cross vCenter vMotion with shared storage bug

I’m in the middle of the project where I need to split up my environment into two vCenters so I decided to update part of it to vSphere 6.0 to ease up my work and operations tasks later on. I do have a stretched infrastructure across the datacenters including storage … Continue reading

Cross site vMotion, Default Gateway and TCP/IP stacks

Possibility of cross vCenter vMotion is quite popular among customers. But the thing is that most of the times the vCenters, or the environments managed by those vCenters, are in different sites or locations. This simply means they do not share same vMotion network. Which means vMotion traffic needs to … Continue reading

VMware Horizon 7 – Installation Overview

It was more than a month waiting for general availability of VMware Horizon 7. What is new in the new suite you can find here. I’m not going through all details in the installation and configuration, but I will try to highlight the new features. Installation of the product is pretty … Continue reading

Why is VDI Performance Monitoring Essential in a Virtual Environment?

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a term used to describe a specific field of virtualization, which deals with creating and maintaining virtual desktops within an organization’s IT environment. The process involves the migration of desktop operating systems from physical computing resources to Virtual Machines, or VMs, hosted on centralized servers. … Continue reading

Create new NFS datastore for vSphere with NUTANIX

Recently we got access to a 16-node Nutanix cluster with vSphere on top of it. The datastore which was supposed to be used by us was created with Replication Factor 2 and we decided to create another one with RF=3, which provide higher level of data availability by keeping 3 … Continue reading

The Virtualist fuels WhatMatrix crowd-sourced consultancy

Long time expected is becoming reality today: WhatMatrix® launched for production after tens and hundreds hours of hard work spent by volunteering experts of virtualization – and 4 of them also The Virtualists – Roman, Jan, Dusan and Gica. And this is materializing into a new ‘crowd-sourced consultancy’ service … Continue reading

Warning: Extending virtual disks in ESXi 6.0 can pause your VM!


As  I’m planning to deploy ESXi 6.0 in our environment, I’m doing research for the all issues or behavioral changes coming with vSphere 6.0. I have discovered one serious change in behavior which came with ESXi 6.0 and I don’t think it was announced anywhere and it can cause outage in your … Continue reading