Centralized syslog server for vSphere environment with CentOS 7 and rsyslog

Couple of years ago we were asked to provide a working solution for centralized syslog collector. My customer had very tough security rules, and they were strictly against any appliance based, out of the box solution. They needed to have full control over the OS and applications installed. The main … Continue reading

Design considerations for Virtual Machine Time Synchronization

  Here are some guidelines and considerations related to time synchronization for your Virtual Machines design. It seems to be a simple topic and covered well online, however I think it deserves a better attention as I’ve seen  huge complications in some environments caused by misunderstanding and miss-configuration. Design Decision: … Continue reading

Manually remove ESXi host from vCenter database

Some time ago, after I tried to remove ESXi host from vCenter it was still appearing in vSphere client with alert and I couldn’t remove it again. Someone would say it is just cosmetic issue, but for example storage service was failing from initializing because of it too. VMware support … Continue reading

IBM Flex System CMM and Active Directory Integration

I’ve got lot of questions from people about integrating IBM Flex System CMM with Active Directory or LDAP authentication, because lets face it – IBM documentation is not the best in the industry and this part is kinda missing there :/ For those of you who worked with IBM BladeCenter … Continue reading

vEXPERT 2014 – Good News

On the day we published our first post, six members of our TheVirtualist team were listed in the list of 2014 Q2 vEXPERT. The vEXPERT program is a none technical certification where VMware recognizing people who participate in the community and increase awareness of VMware products and uses. A week ago we … Continue reading