Mission and rules – TheVirtualist

The aim of The Virtualist, z. s. (further referred as Association)  is to provide means for publishing activities within the professional area of IT infrastructure virtualization (a blog portal, forum, personal profiles of professionals etc.).

1. Becoming a blogger

Any individual can register to the www.thevirtualist.org and gain access to blogging platform, which is the main instrument of the Association. By the registration each user accepts the Code of Conduct (link to the page) and shows consent with these rules:

  1. TheVirtualist is a non-profit organization and doesn’t pay for the content
  2. All posts will be reviewed by TheVirtualist review board before publishing
  3. All posts should be posted on TheVirtualist first and not to be be re-published on other websites
  4. Posted content can be referred to from other sites but always with mentioning the origin (Thevirtualist.org)

The Association is committed to fair and equal treatment of all contributors.

2. Becoming a member of the association

Both individuals and legal entities may become members of the Association. The members claim willingness to share in the Association activities including financial support of events. Each member must show active participation in order to develop the project (regular publishing, community pages development, infrastructure maintenance, organizational support etc.)

The Association will be active in the following areas:

  1. maintenance of community Internet pages,
  2. publishing on Internet pages,
  3. support of the members ‘ attendance of professional conferences,
  4. organization of own professional events,,
  5. running of technical means used for providing testing and educational environment.

The association will also collaborate with entities with similar aims.

It’s a responsibility of the Chairman to accept or refuse any application for the membership.

The association members are expected to comply with the valid Statuses of the organization (Statuses).


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