Build a vRealize Orchestrator 7 (vRO) Cluster

Working with vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) in a enterprise environment requires some kind of high availability and redundancy. Even vSphere HA would work for some small environments in a big one, where you expect a high number of operations, needs a clustered solution.  Fortunately vRO7 supports  that and now I will … Continue reading

VMware App Volumes Manager 2.11 – Install and Configure

App Volumes is a real-time application delivery solution accuired by VMware recently from CloudVolumes. Personally for me it is not just this, but much more and I will try to show how it can be used in different scenarios and pool designs. I will start with how to install and configure the … Continue reading

VMware Horizon 7 – Installation Overview

It was more than a month waiting for general availability of VMware Horizon 7. What is new in the new suite you can find here. I’m not going through all details in the installation and configuration, but I will try to highlight the new features. Installation of the product is pretty … Continue reading

VDI Optimization – OS Services | Part2

At the Part 1 of the VDI Optimization – OS Services article, I went through several windows services which could be stopped/disabled in order to achieve better performance of your virtual desktop infrastructure and higher end user acceptance. At the current article I will add the rest of my list. Before that I would … Continue reading

VDI Optimization – OS Services | Part1

After VM Hardware optimizations, covered in a previous post, now we will go through the Windows Services. Disabling the unnecessary windows services could dramatically increase your overall VDI performance by decreasing the resources which each of the desktops consume.  I am going to go through the eventual services which could … Continue reading