About Roman Macek

Roman grew up with Microsoft server administration in 2006 he switched to VMware. He focuses on designing of solutions for hybrid cloud, business continuity, high availability, disaster recovery, backup and vdi. He has background and mindset in hardware and VMware operating systems administration. He holds certifications from Microsoft, VMware and other industry vendors. VCAP5-DCD, VCAP5-DCA, VCP5, VCP5-DT, MCITP, MCTS, vExpert 2015/16.

SoftLayer local disk performance SATA/vSAN/SSD

SoftLayer local disk performance SATA/vSAN/SSD What disk performance you can expect from local drives in Softlayer with VMware vSphere6, vSAN & local SATA or SSD drives? This article is here to help you see and decide if performance will be enough for your needs. I have 3 hosts with: hardware … Continue reading

The Virtualist at NetApp Insight 2015

The Virtualist at NetApp Insight 2015 This year we had a chance with Jan Hosek and Michal Klimes to visit NetApp Insight in Berlin as well as VMware VMworld in Barcelona. In this article, we will compare these two events from several different views. Although both companies are not direct … Continue reading

WhatMatrix Virtualization Comparison – Hypervisors (Update – Open Beta 26.8.2015)

WhatMatrix Virtualization Comparison – Hypervisors (Update – Open Beta 26.8.2015) The Story started during the last VMworld 2014 in one of Barcelona Pubs where I met the WhatMatrix core team we spoke about our common virtualization hobby and doing web-projects. We started to work together and now I’m pleased to show you what … Continue reading

CEE RTE – Regional Technical Exchange 2015

Central and Eastern Europe Regional Technical Exchange 2015 (CEE RTE) Last week I did have an opportunity to join an IBM RTE conference held in Prague, hotel Ambassador (Zlata Husa). CEE RTE started in 2010 and it’s a yearly event, for me it was the first time to attend. Event was … Continue reading

Network Design Rack Server x3850 X5 with fourteen 1 GbE Network Adapters

Network Design Rack Server x3850 X5 with fourteen 1 GbE Network Adapters Welcome, I want to share with you one of my older network design with 1 GbE network adapters. In this example we will speak about IBM System x3850 X5, 4x Xeon 10C E7-8860, 8x Memory Expansion Cards, RAM 64x16GB … Continue reading

vSphere 6.0 whats new – Updated

Update 1.4.2015 : added vSphere Data Protection, updated vSphere Replication, corrected host max VMs, added VVOL details vSphere 6.0 is out since 2nd of February 2015 lets see whats new: 1. Compute Features the new virtual hardware ‘version 11’ 128 vCPUs (64 vCPU with 5.5) 4TB of RAM (NUMA aware) (1TB … Continue reading

HotLink – manage all hypervisors from vCenter

Few weeks ago I did attend web meeting about “Extending VMware vCenter to Hybrid Cloud” with Oded Haner. It get my curiosity as it was promising something i did not believe is possible. Even after seeing the presentation I had doubts. I decided I have to see and touch it, … Continue reading

Customized “embedded” version of ESXi need patching

IBM, HP, DELL are releasing its own customized “embedded” versions of ESXi which contain vendor specific drivers, opened firewall ports for their management solutions, etc. Patches are different for each ESXi version 5.0, 5.1, 5.5. I will show you how to download and implement those patches for IBM x3850 X5, … Continue reading