Marek Ďuriš, chairman of TheVirtualist, is responsible for plans and organization of the activities. Marek entered the IT industry in 1998 as a junior technician and has been working in various technical and managerial positions at IBM Global Services since then. The experienced technologies included 'IBM System z' up to the role of an 'European technical lead, manager of a team of Virtualization experts - a Center of Excellence, leader of a Robotic Process Automation development team. And, newly, contributor to success of Runecast Solutions. vExpert 2015-2017.

The Virtualist fuels WhatMatrix crowd-sourced consultancy

Long time expected is becoming reality today: WhatMatrix® launched for production after tens and hundreds hours of hard work spent by volunteering experts of virtualization – and 4 of them also The Virtualists – Roman, Jan, Dusan and Gica. And this is materializing into a new ‘crowd-sourced consultancy’ service … Continue reading

The Virtualist at VMworld 2015

The second year of and the second presence of some of the team members at the VMworld in Barcelona.   Like a year ago, many interesting announcements, breakout sessions and mainly networking interlocks and meeting old friends happened during our stay in Fira Europa. The main topics orchestrating the … Continue reading

New comparison available at

Our affiliate community site Whatmatrix, many of our Virtualist members are engaged in, is launching a new comparison ‘Software defined Storage & Hyper-converged Infrastructure’ just today. It is going to be truly interesting as it contains the latest Nutanix, Simplivity, VMware and Atlantis releases. Check it out yourselves at the … Continue reading

Interviewing for VMware vSphere Support Engineer job role. Part 5: Generic questions to probe business attitude

In this part of our ‘Interviewing’ series we’ll look at the non-technical part of the dialogue between the potential employee and employer. As Aram did for the technical part I will also look from the interviewer side. The purpose is to probe candidate’s business attitude. Needless to say that job interview is a … Continue reading

WhatMatrix available for public use!

After several months of hard work, a new virtualization technology comparison and assessment platform is getting into a global availability shape. As I announced some time ago here the VirtualizationMatrix laid solid foundation for creation a brand new, extended, WhatMatrix. WhatMatrix is a IT comparison website that provides you with in-depth technology comparisons … Continue reading

Top vBlog 2015 results – we’re in TOP 5 for new blogs!

Thank you! scored in the voting as follows: new blogs – 5th place, and overall – 62nd place (out of 411). Full results in here: The result is very good considering the blog start date (July 2014) and the specific area of the virtualization business the contributors come from. Let … Continue reading