Jan Hosek is a Virtualization Engineer focusing on the VMware and IBM cloud portfolio. He started with the virtualization in 2009 and since that time gained experience in several T&T projects as IT Administrator, Technical Lead and IT Architect. Jan holds several certifications from VMware (vExpert 2015, VCAP5-DCD, VCAP5-DCA), Microsoft and IBM.

Update of Cloud Storage Gateways category on WhatMatrix

Cloud Storage Gateways category on WhatMatrix has been updated with the latest product’s details. 13 new products have been added and in total 49 products from 8 main Cloud Storage Gateway vendors are in the comparison. There is also one significant change in the comparison.  Each product now shows whether … Continue reading

Cloud Storage Gateways Comparison on WhatMatrix

After many months of really hard work of the entire WhatMatrix team it’s my pleasure to announce that Open Beta is live and site is accessible for everybody. What you can expect? Comparison website where you can select and compare multiple  products and it’s features. As of today there are … Continue reading

x3850 X5 vs x3850 X6 comparison

Some of you might consider purchasing the Lenovo (formally IBM) System x servers. For the enterprise environments Lenovo offers x3850 X5 and x3850 X6 series. Since x3850 X5 will be discontinued from the market during this year, it makes sense to start considering x3850 X6. Such  type of server will … Continue reading

VMware installation validation checklist

It happened several times that I needed to have some kind of a validation checklist after the vSphere installation. I decided to put together all my notes and collect the specific steps and configurations to be tested in the validation process for VMware Infrastructure. The goal is to quantify the … Continue reading