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Hello dear reader,

I’ve spent some time to figure out how to compose some introduction of our team, how to write this “About Us” page. I was thinking to make it short with just bare facts, to list the certifications we hold and projects we completed or may be to make it longer and include details about each member. Eventually, my friend, I just decided to tell you a story.

It all started somewhere in 2008. Business need pushed our company to dedicate several professionals from various teams to a single project. The scope of the project required skills in virtualization. Although virtualization technologies were out there for quite some time, there were not many people with needed knowledge in the company. The details of the project does not matter in my story, what matters is that a team was born. The scope of the team was growing and the team was growing with it. At first, it was just called VMware team, then it became Virtualization team. We became VMware Center of Excellence in our company. We are leading VMware Best Practice group in Europe.

It was during one coffee break when we came to conclusion that we can tell the world much more than we are required to say at work. We had the skills and the knowledge so why not to share it. We decided to call it ‘TheVirtualist’, a non-profit organization with a website where we would create a community. A community of IT specialists who had something to share.
One can say that this does not have any chance to survive, there are lots of websites like this. Yes, it is true there are sites that try to do the same, but those websites does not have same people behind.

I suppose I should give you some more details at this point. I will not be mentioning any name, you will have your chance to see them yourself, dear reader.
Here come just some numbers. In our team there are: 1 VCDX, 13 vEXPERT, 2 VCI, 9 VCAP5-DCD, 11 VCAP5-DCAs, all members are VCP, we have people certified in Hyper-V and Citrix XEN and much much more. And these numbers tend to grow.

Although we build this website as an official community, nobody is limited from posting their articles here. If you want to share your experience related to virtualization just contact us via the contact form and we will ping you back.

There is much more to say about us, but no word is equal to deed. This “About us” article is the first step, expect us to have much more posts in some time.

Thanks very much for your attention and feel welcome if you are a fan of this almighty technology.


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